Rivpra Formulation is a well recognized, integrated pharmaceutical company with core competencies in the development and manufacture of highly effective pharmaceuticals or medicines that are used in the treatment of various ailments and diseases. Highly effective, these medicines are recommended by various doctors across the globe.

We are known for our efficient working to provide quality products at the competitive costs in the committed time period to our global customers.

We are selling since 2 decades across the globe.
Our views and concepts are focused and are made to cater the requirements of the global markets spread from Asia and Africa to Latin American and European countries.
Unflinching commitment to greater heights and higher goals bringing in business from middle class pharmaceutical companies as well as multi national companies.

We are a debt free, profit making pharmaceutical company with the state of the art infrastructure.

Our Certifications and accredations: Rivpra Formulation acquired the status of being an ISO certified company in the year

Technological Superiority: Over the years, intensive development work enabled us to significantly improve and reinforce our position in the field of pharmaceuticals.Over the years, we joined hand with the best of the best in the field of Pharmaceutical Raw material, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Laboratory Equipment and with the best Technocrats. We have got the one of the best Air handling unit in whole of Uttrakhand. Our people are constantly being upgraded with the latest trends and the latest breakthroughs in the Pharma Industry. The Technical Know-how of our people is the best in the industry. All this - so that we can deliver a pure product to our end customer.

Manufacturing alliances: We tied up other big pharmaceutical enterprises for manufacturing their products. This is a good example of - Quality Seeks Quality. There is no need of words to explain why they came to us to manufacture their products. Its simply trust. Trust in our Quality Procedures and in our People.

Our Vision: We aspire to be the leader in the global pharmaceutical market with global well being and standards as our ultimate goal.

Our People

Any organization is what its people are. The same applies to Rivpra as well. Every single day, all of our employees expand their personal horizons, and thus our common pool of experience. Every day, all of our employees make their indispensable contribution to bringing our company and our products forward. Idea swapping and innovation are routine in Rivpra. We are as stringent and selective with selecting people to work for us as we are with selecting our suppliers. Simply because we are obsessed with Quality - Quality of our people as well. Because the individual is the standard by which we measure ourselves, especially where quality is at stake. You can be rest assured that the individuals at Rivpra are of the highest caliber and the best in the field.

Our Brand Values

Quality and innovation are Rivpra’s brand values. Our brands like RIVROCIP-250 RIVROCIP-250 RIVROCIP-250 have created a niche market for themselves over the years. After 00000 years of presence in the market, 'Rivpra' has become synonymous with 'Quality' with the medical fraternity, chemists and our consumers.

Speed and Efficiency

Thanks to our specialized production expertise which has made us able to offer a broad & competitive range of Medicines, and are successful in combining quality with a high degree of customer orientation. Yet speed should never be at the expense of quality. It's just good to know that we can claim advantages where it matters - the time factor. Our strengths include our experience and our ability to implement laboratory results swiftly in the production field. This gives us greater flexibility with our pricing and means that we can provide doctors and patients with high-quality medicines at affordable prices.

Total Quality Management is achieved by-Confirming to – GMP Standards. -All the job functions of the company are in time with its Quality policy. Total Quality Management of the firm is located after by a Quality Assurance Executive. All department heads upto the Managers, maintain and follow Quality Management System are guided and coordinated by the Quality Assurance Executive.

The Quality Management Assurance with the help of any other personnel has the responsibility to see that all procedures are as per the standard operating procedures. Personnel competence is also assessed by the Quality Assurance Executive. The total Quality Management System is designed for ‘Zero Defect Product’ for which the Quality Assurance Executive is responsible.

All evaluation of procedures and validations are done by the Quality Assurance Department.

The factory is having its own fully equipped laboratory with almost all the In-House testing facilities of the products being manufactured.

It is also having adequate, competent Technical Staff to carry out the Manufacturing Operations Analysis.

The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for: Preparing, issuing and updating Quality Assurance Policy. Maintaining and controlling all documentation related to technology transfer.

The Quality Control Department is part of the Quality Assurance Department. It is headed by a Quality Control Manager. The major activities of the Quality Control Department are: Approve / Rejection of raw and packaging materials as per respective SOP.
Testing of in-process samples as per respective SOP.
Testing of finished goods as per respective SOP.
Carrying out stability studies as per respective SOP.
Testing of water as per respective SOP.

The Company has a defined Self Inspection System through which all manufacturing functions, Engineering Department, Quality Control Department and warehouse are audited by a team of Managers consisting of Works Manager, Q.A. Manager and Production Manager and the Department Head of Department being audited. The audit is carried out as per the SOP.

Rivpra Formulation Private Limited has established an ultra modern facility as per G M P standards to manufacture Tablet, Capsule, & Liquid sections. The unit is managed by experienced technical staff for production & quality control along with a team of expert technicians.

The company has a Pharmaceuticals Formulation Plant located on a 3600 sq. meters plot situated at SIDCUL, Haridwar (Uttaranchal). The facilities include Raw and Packing materials warehouses, Finished Goods warehouses and sections for the manufacture of Tablets, Capsules, and Oral Liquid. All the testing of Raw, Intermediate and Finished Goods are done in a well-equipped laboratory. It has a full-fledged utilities section.